Member Requirements

Membership in this Association is restricted to active members, active international members, retired members, associate members, and professional affiliate members.

Any membership in this Association shall be open to legal investigators of professional competence and integrity who provide litigation support investigative services to attorneys in the private practice of law in the common law courts and in the courts of equity. Active members may be employed by a law firm, a Public Defender’s Office, and/or privately owned investigative firms. To qualify for membership, an applicant must have a minimum of twenty four (24) months or four thousand (4,000) hours of documented employment as an investigator in these fields. The Association may consider experience obtained in parallel fields toward the satisfaction of this requirement; however any waiver from the requirements set forth herein should be only granted upon full investigation of the submitted qualifications and only under exceptional circumstances.

International members are members not residing in the United States, or its territories or possessions. They must meet all membership requirements and, upon approval for membership, be considered active international members and vested with all privileges extended to active members including the ability to vote and hold elected office.  All active international members will be assigned to Region Eight (8).

Associate members are licensed investigators working for an active member in good standing with the Association. The active member may propose up to four (4) additional qualified investigators who are employed by that member for associate membership in the association.

Professional affiliate members are licensed attorneys or individuals who are qualified as experts in their field, hold at least a Bachelor’s degree and practice as expert witnesses, but whose services are not primarily for insurance defense. Professional affiliates enjoy all Association benefits, with the exception of being able to vote or hold elective office.

All applications for membership must be made to the NALI national office in writing on a form to be approved and provided by the Association. Each application must be accompanied by the nonrefundable application fee in the amount set forth in the Bylaws, plus annual dues as required by ARTICLE IX.

Each application for membership is thoroughly investigated, and after such investigation is completed, the applicant will be notified of the acceptance or rejection of his or her membership application.


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