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Maintaining Your CLI

To maintain the Certified Legal Investigator® status, an active (non-retired) CLI must earn continuing education credits within each three year period and must certify that he/she maintains a majority of their practice to the disciplines of negligence investigations for the plaintiff, and/or criminal defense. After a CLI has initially completed two (2) consecutive three year compliance periods of 50 hours, all future compliance periods shall require 36 hours of continuing education. After 15 years of uninterrupted reporting, the reporting requirement is every five (5) years. It is the responsibility of each CLI to obtain a copy of these guidelines and to file a Report of Compliance (ROC) with the Continuing Education Credit (CEC) Chairperson within the stated time period. Failure to do so will result in suspension and/or revocation of the CLI credential after appropriate notification and upon the recommendations of both the CEC and CLI Chairpersons. Retirement of CLI status requires official approval from the CLI Committee after having received written request and explanation for retirement status from the retiring CLI. A retired CLI may display the CLI designation after their name as follows: CLI (Ret.).

CLI Report of Compliance

Continuing Education Report Of Compliance in MSWord format.

Continuing Education Report Of Compliance in Acrobat format.

Continuing Education Credits (CEC) are mandatory for Certified Legal Investigators. Reports of Compliance (ROC) must be sent every three (3) years from the year a CLI designation is earned. Please check the CLI Active Roster for your compliance year. It is a CLI’s responsibility to file their ROC by December 31 of their compliance year or risk suspension and/or revocation of the CLI designation. It is a CLI’s responsibility to notify the CLI and the CEC Chairperson of a change in their contact information and not rely upon other departments or entities in NALI to notify of this change.

Please send completed ROC forms to the CEC Chairperson as follows:

Janiece Lee, CLI
Lee Investigate Services, LLC
9160 US Hwy 64, 12-114
Lakeland, TN38002

For ROC and CEC questions, call Janiece Lee, CLI 901-356-0700 or email Jlee@lismemphis.com.