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I have found the designation as a Certified Legal Investigator (CLI) to be extremely helpful in my interactions with our attorney-clients, who understand and appreciate certifications. Recently a new attorney client told me: “I actually found you through your website, when I did a search for certified legal investigators in Florida.” I also look for CLIs among our own NALI members when I need assistance in other states. I know what they had to do to achieve and maintain their certification and I trust the process.

Mark Murnan

CLI since 2009

My CLI is both a personal gratification and exceptional marketing tool. I have proven to myself that I am worthy of the designation that is so coveted in the Investigative community. I inform my clients/attorneys that I have an advanced knowledge of my field and pride in continuing my dedication to the profession.

Kitty Hailey

CLI since 1994

Earning the CLI is a great personal achievement but the true beneficiaries of this certification are my attorney clients. My certification assures them they have chosen a thoroughly tested, carefully vetted, ethical professional and they will receive the highest quality work product. In the legal world, having piece of mind when choosing a non-lawyer professional to enhance your case is an invaluable benefit. The CLI designation is a benefit to my clients and that is why I value it above any other certification in the investigative community.

David W. Luther

CLI since 1995

Legal Investigators who make a commitment to obtain the designation of CLI elevate themselves and the legal investigation profession. Any legal investigator who has experienced the process of CLI certification will tell you the personal and professional advantage are well worth investment in time, effort, and energy. Earning the CLI designation is one of the more rewarding highlights in any investigator’s career. Yet, it pales in comparison to the knowledge, wisdom, and integrity Certified Legal Investigators impart to their client.

John M. Lajoie

CLI since 1996

Obtaining the Certified Legal Investigator designation was a goal for my professional growth as an investigator. The CLI designation has given me an edge when testifying in court matters and in professional settings wherein my accomplishments are an example of the caliber of investigator I have become. I often use the CLI designation to support my testimony in that it demonstrates my personal skills and competency.

Carol Moore

CLI since 2000