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Membership in this organization will enhance your abilities as a legal investigator and support you professionally throughout your career. NALI’s resources will exponentially expand your abilities to serve your clients. You can call on the nation’s top legal investigators for help in another city or just some advice on a complicated case. The average NALI member has over fifteen years of experience and many have more than twenty-five years in the profession. As a member, you can access the collective power of NALI with just a click of your mouse. Open the door to this library of experience and knowledge by applying for membership today. 

Pledge of the Legal Investigator NALI members believe in this pledge:

  1. I am a Legal Investigator, and I take pride in my profession.
  2. I pledge my skill, performance and fidelity to my employer or client so long as I am not asked to violate the ethics of my profession.
  3. I will strive to protect the interests and the good name of members of my profession, but I will not hesitate to tell the truth even though it discloses unethical conduct of a fellow investigator.
  4. To my colleagues, I pledge, in the full measure I ask of them, integrity and fair dealing, tolerance and respect, and devotion to the ethics and the purpose of our profession.