NALI Mid-Winter Conference 2024

Toby Braun

Title:  Presentation: Human Trafficking Investigations, Abductions, and the Rise of Crypto

Description: Human trafficking and child abductions for the purposes of sexual exploitation is not only a global issue, it is an epidemic across the United States that is on a constant rise with horrific dimensions. Largely due to a lack of training, federal resources, and defunding of local law enforcement and their specialized units, human trafficking investigations in the private sector have been on a constant rise and necessity. This presentation will examine some of the causes, signs, trends, resources, and strategies needed to investigate these cases nationally and abroad. We will also discuss modern trends such as the use of cryptocurrencies, often utilized by traffickers and criminal enterprises, and how to navigate complex criminal cases involving blockchain transactions.

Toby Braun is the Founder and managing Partner of American Special Investigative Group (ASIG), a professional investigation and intelligence firm with offices in Florida & Texas. Toby is a multi-state licensed and board-certified professional investigator, certified international investigator, and security expert with over a decade of combined professional experience in criminal investigations, fugitive recovery, public safety management, undercover operations, international investigations as well as protective operations & security consulting.

Toby is fluent in English, German, and French, and has worked on various assignments in international jurisdictions, including South & Central America, Europe, the Middle East, and several African Nations. Toby’s professional success record includes having located and arrested over one hundred national and international fugitives from justice and tracking close to one billion in USD in illicitly obtained or stolen assets. Toby has also developed security & risk management protocols that have been adopted or mirrored at some of America’s largest live-music events, schools, and corporations.

In his available time, Toby volunteers as a human trafficking investigator for the Anti-Predator Project (APP), where he conducts criminal investigations of individuals and organizations, both foreign and domestic, that are involved in human trafficking. Together with his team he also focuses on the forceful recovery of American children who have been bought or sold on the black market, as well as the protection of victims/witnesses. Additionally, Toby serves as Director for the Broward County Sheriff’s Office-Advisory Council and as a certified law enforcement instructor.

Toby earned a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Nova Southeastern University and a master’s degree in National Security & Intelligence Studies from American Military University. He belongs to several professional state and global organizations, including the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors the International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts, the Council of International Investigators, the National Association of Legal Investigators as well as the International Association of Human Trafficking Investigators. With his passion for solving critical cases and helping others, Toby is a true leader in his field.