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Federal Public Defender
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Hello, my name is Estevan B. Flores Jr., I have approximately 15 years in Public Safety in various roles from officer, investigator to private companies. I look forward to my continued service to the community. I know this cover letter is lengthy cover letter. However, it’s important to understand credentials and person as well as ability to write one’s story. I’m a resident of San Miguel County originally, I come from a small rural village called San Geronimo West of Las Vegas, New Mexico. I was raised on a humble family ranch with my mother, older sister and younger brother and disabled father. This life experience made my ethics and unbiased philosophy and approach to life being the middle child I learned early on the skills of, hard work, sacrifice, compassion, community, organization, family values, and understanding the importance of community service. I’m currently a Investigator for the Federal Public Defender in the Midland/Odessa Office in West Texas. I’m looking for a better financial pay long term and better city for my family to reside as Midland cost of living and inflation has not been suitable.
I would like to give you some brief insight into my career as I have continued to strive and succeed in life even in the face of adversity, which has become a true test of character and embodiment of strong ethical values for me over my lifetime which have inspired and driven me to serve the public and to seek resolve in the interest of all. In obtaining my education from the University of New Mexico with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and graduating with emphasis in Government, Public Policy, Pre-Law and a Minor in Philosophy as well as Graduating with Honors Certificate from UNM Honors Program it has made my discipline and open-mindedness flourish. I have previously worked for a total of four years with David J. Alderete Esq. a law firm in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I was employed at the law firm as a paralegal and assisted in defense investigations, which specialized in various areas of the law such areas consisted in civil, criminal, probate, corporate, research, and federal immigration law.
My Public Safety career begin as Rescue Firefighter and EMS first Responder for over 7 years in various roles in wildland land fighting fire investigations in fire and suppression operations as an incident commander and agency representative for San Miguel County Fire Dept. I was New Mexico State Police Search and Rescue Operations Chief for over 3 years various investigations into missing persons and active rescues. The experience while obtaining my degree provided me strong ethics and commitment to service and the importance of the law. Currently I’m serving the community of West Texas and working on finishing my master’s in Public Affairs. I worked at New Mexico Highlands University where I was a Graduate Assistant for 2 years to Professor Ernestina Cruz a practicing Attorney in New Mexico, I assisted her in administering and teaching courses for undergraduates in the fields of Pre-law that include the courses of Introduction to Law, Criminal Law, and Law School Prep courses. I was a State of New Mexico Law Enforcement Officer Special Agent for New Mexico Probation and Parole for approximately 5 years conducting Investigations and fugitive operations with US Marshal and other law enforcement agencies sin and around New Mexico. I was a forensic digital evidence examiner for the Cyber Crimes Against Children NM Attorney General task Force and served on the New Mexico Gang Taskforce. I also helped establish neighborhood watch programs in Northern NM. I worked for Department of Homeland Security TSA for 3 years there I was Transportation Security Officer Investigating and enforcing’s TSA rules and applicable federal laws and searches. I was quickly assigned collateral duties where I became an Assistant Training Instructor for DHS/TSA. I was assigned to the US Secret Service Presidential details on various assignment events and behavioral detection. I was assigned to the DHS surge Capacity Force where I was assigned to the US Southwest Border Region Operations DHS Special Operations Group in San Antonio and Ft. Bliss Texas. Assigned to DOD Ft. Bliss Texas Incident command Team and assigned DHS U.S. Coast Guard Incident Management Teams operations chief and field Observed investigation EIS Refugee intake site with ORR, USCIS, DHS, ICE, USCBP, USFAM, US Inspector General, FBI and various private sector contractors and overseeing 10,0000 plus people and refugees.
I left that career to purse my investigative skills and education with the State Of New Mexico Law Office of the Public Defender as an Investigator 2. I served a year on the Serious Violent Offenders unit conducting various criminal Investigations. I also wanted to let you into more certifications and some personal in sight to outside organizations. My biggest pride is being a dad to my Stepsons one who is in the Navy and my baby daughter. In my professional memberships and certifications will be listed here. I’m a proud member of National Defense Investigator Association. Proud member of Federal Criminal Investigator Associations. And recently accepted as member in the international Homicide Investigators Association. Proud member of the Knights of Columbus. Proud member of the Sons of the American Legion. I’m in pursuit of higher paying career and proper location to raise my family. Recently became a member of NALI National Association of Legal Investigators.
I have also been a successful small business owner in the past in New Mexico with Flores & Padua Consulting Group LLC running a consulting firm in business general matters. I have also been political campaign manager US Senator Ben Ray Lujan, assisted on Laura Montoya Campaign for congress and canvasing. Law Enforcement, public safety certificates, training and incident management are as follows. I’m trained in Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 Guard Security and Firearm certification and roles out of New Mexico where DHS/TSA New Mexico Employees Advisory Council Chairman DH/TSA Albuquerque Safety Action Team Member; San Miguel Search and Rescue, Previous Treasure, Instructor FCC Amateur Radio Operator Technician KF5NGA. Operations Section Chief Search and Rescue for New Mexico State Police Certificate, EMS Emergency Medical First FEMA IS-00001, Emergency Program Manager An Orientation to the Position, FEMA IS-00003 Radiological Emergency Management, FEMA IS-00005.A An Introduction to Hazardous Materials, FEMA Is-00100.b Introduction to Incident Command System, FEMA IS-00139 Exercise Design FEMA IS-00200.b ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incident, FEMA IS-00240.a Leadership and Influence FEMA IS-00242.a Effective Communication FEMA IS-00301 Radiological Emergency Response FEMA IS-00346, Hazardous Materials for Medical Personnel FEMA IS-00700.a National Incident Management System an Introduction FEMA IS-00701.a NIMS Multiagency Coordination System FEMA IS-00702.a NIMS Public Information Systems FEMA IS-00703.a NIMS Resource Management FEMA IS-0070 FEMA IS-706 FEMA IS-00775 FEMA IS-00800.b FEMA Active Shooter Trained, EMS First Responder Course 03/05/2010, Coaching Emergency Vehicle Operations Fire Dept 11/30/2012, Raton NM Crime Stoppers Officer Liason NMAPPO. Firewise communities Coordinator New Mexico, 8 years New Mexico Redcard Firefighter Certificate 6 years Crewboss Wildland Firefighter, New Mexico Probation and Parole Certificate 05/22/2014, New Mexico Motivational Interview Certificate 02/08/15, Taser Operation course 04/21/2015, Taser, Recertification 12/19/2016, Certificate of Appreciation NMCD 07017/2014, Interstate Compact Training Certificate 05/22//2014, NCIC Test Backgrounds 10/29/2014, NSC First/Aid/Aed 05/13/2014, NSC Defensive Driving Course 04/21/2017, NSC Defensive Driving Course 01/08/2014, NSC Defensive Driving Course 04/03/2014, Daigle Law Group Course Certificate Police operations Implications Post DOJ Review of Ferguson Police dept.06/18/3015, Daigle Law Group Course Certificate Body Worn Cameras and Technology 07/02/2015, Daigle Law Group Course Certificate Crowd Control Management Protection Civil Rights 07/15/2015, Daigle Law Group Course Certificate Developing a Police Pursuit Policy 08/20/2015, Daigle Law Group Course Certificate tactical Operations and Hostage Situations 09/10/2015 NMEMS Registry Personnel 03/19/2010, Eastern NM University EMS education Program 07/21/2012, New Mexico firefighter Training Academy Intro to Firefighting 01/11/2012, Fire Extinguisher Training 03/14/2016, Coaching Emergency Vehicle Operations Fire Dept 03/05/2014, NMCD/ Defensive Tactics 05/22/2014, Knights of Columbus First-third Degree 02/17/2017, New Mexico Ready Set Go Program Coordinator, 5 years Agency Representative Wildland Firefighter, 7 years Engine Boss Wildland Firefighter, New Mexico Gang Taskforce Member Certificate 05/04/2015, Federal Law Enforcement Basic Cert Transportation Security Officer 01/06/2019. I also have my conceal carry license out of New Mexico.
In addition to my UNM Bachelor’s degree, Harvard University Certificates and higher education endeavors I have an associates in Homeland Security form Des Moines Area Community College. I’m certified in various areas of explosive identification and behavioral detection through TSA/DHS. I have also completed the TSA Associates Program. I recently completed 3 certificates from Harvard University Edx Program in Justice, Exorcising Leadership Foundation Principles, remote Work revolution for Everyone. I’m a trained 6008- OSHA for other Federal Agencies an investigator cert through DHS/TSA for airport operations and over GSA/Federal buildings inspections.
Obtained various digital certifications. Recently certified in Skill UP Declaration of completion in CISSP- Certified information Systems Security Professional, Skill UP Certified in Ethical Hacking for Beginners, Certified Skill UP Introduction to Cyber Security, Certified Skill UP in Introduction to Cybercrime. Certificate in Continuing Education Completion Identifying Web Attacks Through Logs Cybrary Program, Introduction to IT & Cyber Security MITRE ATT&CK Defender.

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