NALI Virtual Training 2023

Doug Cash

Deception or Lies; and the fine line between them

In the “Deception or Lies; and the fine line between them”, our Certified Forensic Interviewers from Eide Bailly LLP will discuss the causes of deception during an interview, where does the understanding of deception originate from, forms of communication, stress response states, and the fine line between deception and lies.

With so much vital information being conveyed from one person to another in many different environments, it is imperative legal and business professionals recognize when a person answers might be deceptive and also realize when to dig further into a subject to determine the real reason the interviewee is experiencing stress.

Doug is a retired law enforcement officer who specializes in dealing
with white collar crime. He investigates fraud and helps clients prevent future problems while finding justice for past issues.
When you work with Doug, you can expect a uniquely qualified
partner who can help you crack down on white collar crime and find
solutions to fraud while preventing more problems in the future. His
professional experience and previous role as a retired law
enforcement officer means he’s ready to work with you, whatever the
When he’s not helping clients, you’ll probably find Doug out on the
golf course, camping or traveling as often as possible. Who can resist
all the wonderful big-game hunting and fishing opportunities in
Colorado? Doug can’t!
Client Work
Provides forensic accounting services for clients, and has specific
knowledge of fraudulent and criminal activities.
Served as lead investigator in various types of fraud-related
investigations, including embezzlement, money laundering, identity
theft, Ponzi and pyramid schemes as well as theft by
Documented and qualified fraud losses, and assisted with civil and
criminal proceedings for clients.
Assisted clients with insurance claims involving fraud losses.
Retired detective with decades of law enforcement experience and an
emphasis in white collar crime. Former special agent with Arizona’s
Department of Insurance Fraud Unit.