NALI Annual Conference 2022

Kitty Hailey

Times do change: but ethics are ethics

Kitty Hailey, CLI is a long standing member of NALI with an eclectic career in investigation.  In over five decades she has run a full service agency with more than 25 employees and worked as a solo practitioner specializing in Post Conviction and Civil Rights work. Her interest and knowledge of the profession is vast. She has written multiple books and articles and has amassed numerous editor publisher awards in proof of their value to investigators. She is also the recipient of the 2001 Julius “Buddy” Bombet Lifetime Achievement Award and has been named investigator of the year by the New Jersey Licensed Private Investigators Association. She has served as an instructor and educator at more than two dozen conferences and in college classrooms on the role of the investigator in society. Her most cherished and important project was writing The Code of Professional Conduct: Standards and Ethics for the Investigative Profession. This is the seminal work in ethics for our profession. There is no other volume that more clearly encompasses the role and goal of the professional investigator. Since 2002 it has served as the model for seminars, advanced investigative degrees, college classrooms and even for licensing as a professional investigator. She will base her presentation on her book (now in it’s third edition) to raise the question of ethics and their impact on the quality and validity of investigations today.