NALI Annual Conference 2023

Brad Hamlett

Title:  Cybersecurity as a Service – Partnering for Success

Description:  In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, clients face a myriad of  cybersecurity challenges. This discussion highlights the importance of partnering with a trusted cybersecurity provider, equipped with the technical capabilities and expertise needed to safeguard businesses. Dive into real-world examples of threat diagnosis, explore best practices for mitigating risks, and discover how the right partnership can empower businesses to thrive securely in the digital era.

Brad Hamlett is a Principal at and founder of Cyber Risk Analysis Group in Greenville, SC, focusing on leading-edge security controls designed to protect the infrastructure of mid-market commercial opera-tions. His cybersecurity expertise was developed through intelligence operations in the U.S. Army across the Middle East. Holding a Master of Science in cybersecurity, Brad has spent over a decade implementing advanced cybersecurity technology and leading teams that defend critical systems.