NALI Annual Conference 2023

Buddy Jericho

Title:  How & When to use a VPN for online Investigations.

Description: In this workshop, I will walk learners through the process of setting up various VPN’s, how they work and the benefits and drawbacks of using them. Presentation: Leveraging AI to support your background investigations. In this presentation, I will expose learners to the current advancements of AI now available to all internet users. I will demonstrate how an investigator can leverage these technologies to identify start points for their investigation.

Mr. Harry ‘Buddy’ Jericho is a serial entrepreneur who founded Echo Analytics Group, which specializes in delivering industry leading open-source intelligence (OSINT) training, services, and technology. Echo Analytics Group was acquired by a defense contractor in January 2021. Buddy is a former Intelligence Officer with 18 years of experience that included 14 combat deployments supporting special operations units. Buddy currently sits on the board of Directors for the OSMOSIS Institute, whose mission is to educate and train cyber intelligence investigators, researchers, reporters, and analysts on OSINT techniques and best practices, All Things Possible Ministries, whose missions is to identify, interrupt and restore those affected by trauma and the 38Challenge, whose mission is to eliminate suicide through challenging the stigma associated with seeking help and showing vulnerability.