NALI Annual Conference 2023

Bree Jones

Title:  The Facts Don’t Sell Them Selves- Persuading Your Audience Through Visualizations: Redline Forensic Studios

Description:  It’s Friday morning and you’re presenting your findings from a complex investigation to your client. You lay out the facts, your client immediately sings your praises, takes recommended actions, and promises to refer you to everyone they know. (You can wake up from your daydream now.) The reality is it takes a lot more than a recitation of facts to inspire a client or colleague to action. As an investigator, you not only need to present results and yourself with authority, but you also need to connect with your audience in a manner that earns their trust to achieve your intended impact. In this exciting interactive presentation, Brian Anders and Bree Jones will tell and show you how to engage and captivate any audience with the support of compelling narrative and imagery. Attendees will learn: 1. How to convey messages that are factual AND position you as a trusted authority. 2. The 5 elements critical for compelling persuasion.

Bree Jones is Creative Director at REDLINE Forensic Studios. She sets vision and leads a
dynamic team of creative professionals specializing in animation, programming and
development, video production and editing, and project coordination. Together, they
create credible and compelling visuals that tell their clients’ stories — and win tough
Bree is a passionate creative herself, with a background in dance and music
composition. She earned her BA in Mass Communications – Broadcast Journalism from
Winthrop University and has lent her dynamic skills to a variety of arenas, including
active newsrooms and a local morning show on one of the Big Four commercial
broadcast television networks.