NALI Annual Conference 2023

Carrie Kerskie

Title:  Moving the Needle in Non-Capital Cases:  A critical examination of the role mitigation plays in achieving desirable legal outcomes.


When your client becomes a victim of identity theft he’ll often seek legal advice for recovery. Knowing what to do and, more importantly, what not to do is the key to recovering successfully.

Key Takeaways

1. Learn crucial questions to ask an identity theft victim

2. Identify laws applicable to identity theft restoration

3. Discover what do to and not to do for a successful recovery


Carrie Kerskie is a highly sought-after speaker and consultant on identity theft, cyber threats, and privacy. She is a preferred speaker for NASA/Kennedy Space Center. She is also the President of Kerskie Group, a private investigation agency located in Naples, FL since 2001. Kerskie Group provides identity fraud risk management services to executives and private clients.

She is the author of two books, Your Public Identity; Because Nothing is Private Anymore and Protect Your Identity. Carrie is also the host of the Privacy Mentor podcast.

As a media favorite, she’s been featured in numerous publications such as Consumer Reports,, and MarketWatch. She appears regularly on NBC, ABC, and FOX.

Recent Awards and Recognitions

· In 2019 BMO Celebrating Women lauded Carrie with the Women Who Lead award and the Naples North Rotary Club honored Carrie as their Rotarian of the Year

· In 2017 Collier Citizens Council inaugural Murray Hendel Civic Achievement award honoring individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to the community.

· In 2015 Carrie was the driving force behind strengthening Florida’s identity theft laws including, making business identity theft a crime in the state.

· In 2014 Congressman Diaz-Balart lauded Carrie with a Congressional Record for her work on identity theft.

· In 2010 FAPI Harvey E Morse Founders Award for outstanding service to FAPI, its members and the private investigation industry. For more info, visit or follow her on social media @CarrieKerskie.