NALI Mid-Winter Conference 2024

Kevin McClain

Title: Confidential: For Your Eyes Only ! Their Secrets are My Business! (FOIA)


This dynamic powerpoint presentation has never been revealed until now! Hear this 30 year veteran investigator show you the hidden information he has been able to uncover through creative uses of FOIA,’S, Open Sources and Subponea Duces Tecum’s 

You will be shown the results of information that has been uncovered that you never knew existed.  Did you know there is Dash Cam / Body Cam software that is being used that records everything rather it is turned on or not? See the results of what was uncovered and the response from the law enforcement agency. Can you say BRADY!!!. Did you know about the hidden audit trails that track all of the officers who worked on your case? Have you ever heard of AVL data? You should have most departments have it, you just didn’t know it existed.  Now you will. Some of the material that was uncovered is very confidential  and can only be revealed at the conference. You will not believe what officials post on the internet! You will take away a whole new set of investigative  tools that you can immediately put to use in your practice!


Kevin W. McClain is a licensed private investigator in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and Missouri, and Wisconsin. He is a Board-Certified Criminal Defense Investigator, a Board Accredited Investigator and President of Kevin W. McClain Investigations Ltd., which is a multi-state investigative firm (Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, and Kentucky) with 10 investigators that have over 200 years of investigative experience. He is qualified as an expert in Criminal Investigations, and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing. He has also been a college instructor in personal security. Mr. McClain began his career in 1993 and gained distinction as one of the regions premier private investigators assisting some of the finest criminal defense and civil attorneys with major felonies, personal injuries, tr wrongful deaths, excessive force shootings, civil rights investigations, police misconduct investigations, white collar defense investigations, corporate investigations and high profile media cases. He has been a featured speaker at the national and international conferences for NLADA “Life in the Balance Capital Defense training seminars in New Orleans, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Florida and St. Louis. He has spoken for the IICLE, ISBA,,IACDL,MACDL,Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Indiana, Louisiana and Tennessee Public Defenders Mr. McClain has taught for Jon Rapping’s Gideon’s Promise for returning attorneys. He also has been a featured speaker at the international and national conferences for NACDL,NALI, NCISS, NAPD, Intellenet and the Federal Defenders. Mr. McClain has presented on over 20 different criminal defense subject matters in over 25 states and internationally.
He has developed numerous presentations on the utilization of the Internet and Social Media and has been retained as a Cyber Investigator in high profile media cases conducting jury research, analysis, verifying credentials of experts and deep web searching and backgrounds of witnesses. He has developed investigative and attorney training programs throughout the country. He is a founding faculty member of the nationally acclaimed Essentials of Defense Investigations Training Institute for criminal attorneys and investigators held yearly in Faubush, Kentucky. He has been a featured speaker for the Wisconsin National Investigator Training Program held each year in Delevan, WI.

He has the distinction of being part of the defense team on two Illinois Death Penalty cases and one Missouri (August 30,2021) which were dismissed prior to trial. Mr. McClain has conducted over (90) Death Penalty investigations as a fact and mitigation investigator around the country including two recent cases one was part of the Angola (5) defendants in Louisiana which resulted in a life sentence and the other was a federal death penalty case where the client was charged with (6) homicides. The case resulted in a life sentence with one of the homicides getting an acquittal at the guilt/ innocence stage of the trial. Mr. McClain was part of a US Marine military defense team that obtained a Not Guilty verdict on a homicide after a three-week trial.

Mr. McClain latest victory came as he was part of defense team that testified at the post-conviction hearing for a young man (Jonathan Irons) who had been incarcerated in Missouri for 23 years which led to his exoneration in July 2020.

Mr. McClain has had the honor to present at the NACDL Annual Conference in Palm Beach, Florida NACDL’S Sex Crime Conference in Las Vegas, NV. Most recently he
presented at the NACDL’S Midwinter in New Orleans, LA Mr. McClain presented on very timely subjects with his brand-new presentations “The Thin Blue Line Investigating Police Misconduct” and “Sex Lies and Reasonable Doubt, Investigating Sexual Assault on a College Campus a Case Study” and “Social Media and Internet Secrets Revealed.”

Mr. McClain is the founder of the READI Response Investigative Network and Mobile App An investigative network of over 1000 investigators connected through mobile app technology.

Mr. McClain has recently been featured on the Oxygen Network series “Snapped” and the A&E Series “The Accused”.

Mr. McClain has also worked extensively with the Center of Wrongful Convictions at Northwestern University and is on the faculty at the Clarence Darrow Death Penalty College and is a contract investigator for the Missouri Public Defenders, Kentucky Public Defenders, Federal CJA Panel Investigators, Illinois Innocence Project and the Exoneration Project in Chicago. Mr. McClain can be reached at 877-532-1152, or