NALI Annual Conference 2024

Chad Meli



Chad Meli is an online investigative and digital forensic specialist with OUR Rescue and a former criminal investigator with a U.S. law enforcement agency in Arkansas. His law enforcement careers spans over 20+ year and he has worked full time cyber related crimes involving the sexual exploitation of children and human trafficking for over 8 years. Chad spent the majority of his time online in an undercover capacity locating and identifying suspects who were distributing illegal imagery of children as well as persons actively seeking out child victims. Chad was an Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) affiliate member and is trained and licensed on multiple law enforcement programs and tools. Chad was a task force officer with the FBI and assigned to the Innocent Images Task Force and has been involved in numerous child victim rescues across the United States and abroad. Chad currently lives in Bangkok and works closely with multiple law enforcement agencies in Thailand and throughout Southeast Asia supporting and assisting in their anti-human trafficking efforts.