NALI Annual Conference 2023

 Kevin Pakulniewicz

Title:  Hidden Bugs & How to Find Them

Description: This session will discuss “bug sweeps”, also known as technical surveillance counter-measures (TSCM), and its place in today’s private investigative world. Discussion will include present-day threats and vulnerabilities in our environment, as well as an overview of what is involved in the mitigation of those threats. General applications, common misconceptions, and best practices will also be discussed.

Kevin Pakulneiwicz retired from the FBI after 23 years of fieldwork as a Special Agent. Most of those years were spent as a Technically Trained Agent where he performed wiretaps, conducted covert audio and video surveillance, worked with sophisticated monitoring equipment to perform “bug sweeps”, worked with transmission and receive devices, GPS trackers, and network delivery solutions related to every aspect of complex FBI investigations. Kevin received his Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) training at the U.S. Government Interagency Training Center.

Kevin served as a Team Leader for the FBI’s Evidence Response Team and worked hundreds of crime scenes and search warrants in that capacity. Kevin has served as an FBI certified instructor for police agencies both domestic and international. He has taught over 500 students domestically and more than 300 international students in 13 different countries in the subject areas of crime scene processing, postblast investigations, law enforcement tactics, interviewing, and public corruption.

Prior to his time with the FBI, Kevin worked for the DEA as a Forensic Chemist in Washington, DC where he handled evidence and performed drug analysis on street level narcotics and regularly testified in court. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Old Dominion University.

Upon retirement from the FBI, Kevin established Paktech Security ( and obtained his North Carolina Electronic Countermeasures license. He is one of a very small number of licensed countermeasures operators in the state of North Carolina. He is also a licensed Private Investigator in North Carolina.