NALI Annual Conference 2023

Reena Ritch de Herrera

Title:  Moving the Needle in Non-Capital Cases:  A critical examination of the role mitigation plays in achieving desirable legal outcomes.

Description:  While mitigation as its own unique profession was an outgrowth of the anti-death penalty movement,  overtime it has evolved into and been applied to non-capital cases.  In this session we will review how it became applied to non-capital cases and how it is critical in obtaining the best legal outcome possible.

Reena Ritch de Herrera graduated Magna Cum Laude from Arcadia University with a BA in Political Science.   She went on to study social work at The University of Pennsylvania, then worked for 10 years as a social worker in city of Philadelphia.  She worked with children in foster care and as well as in a non-profit that provided educational resources to children with special needs and their families.  Since 2017, Ms. Ritch de Herrera has practiced in Philadelphia and nationally as a professional mitigation specialist. She has worked on pre-sentencing and post-conviction cases, with local, state, and federal courts. Her advocacy has helped many people to receive fair and compassionate legal outcomes. Reena is the co-founder and owner of Transformational Mitigation, LLC.