NALI Scholarship program

The National Association of Legal Investigators (NALI) Executive Council and Scholarship Committee are pleased to announce the NALI Scholarship Program for Application Year 2024. Thanks to a perpetual endowment created by the Executive Council in 2020, the Committee may award a minimum of two scholarships of $1,500.00 each and every year.

2023 Scholarship Awardees

London Horiuchi (University of Mississippi)
Jaidyn Adams (Oklahoma State University)

Committee Members

Daniel J. Collins, CLI, CCDI (Chair)
Kandis Studdard
David Horiuchi (applicant assessing only)
Cord Adams, CLI (applicant assessing only)


The purpose of the NALI Scholarship Program is intended to promote educational development and provide recognition for academic achievement amongst NALI’s greater family.



All Applicants must be sponsored by a NALI Member in good standing (active or retired, in accordance with the NALI Bylaws), or were in good standing upon their passing.

NALI Members in Good Standing (active or retired) may sponsor any of the following from their family:

  •  Children, stepchildren and/or surviving children,
  • Grandchildren and/or surviving grandchildren
  • Nieces and/or nephews
  • Dependent family members or surviving family members. They must be residents in the same household and be able to submit proof of dependent status in accordance with IRS standards.
  • Students with special circumstances, defined as those who have overcome hardships such as learning disabilities and other emotional and or physical handicaps.

Applicants must be a senior in High School or be no more than five years removed from having graduated High School (or its international equivalent) and be applying for one of the following programs:

1) Accredited College or University (2- or 4-year institution)
2) Trade School
3) Certificate Program

A minimum GPA of 3.0 (4.0 scale) or the equivalent grading scale will be required for undergraduate applicants. The minimum GPA for students with special circumstances will be 2.5 based on a 4.0 scale or the equivalent grading scale.



To be considered by the committee as a potential awardee of a NALI Scholarship, each student must submit an application package to the Committee Chairperson by April 27, 2024 including the following:

1) A completed NALI Scholarship Application signed by the applicant*.
2) A digital photograph* of the applicant in professional attire and posture, which is in a sufficient file size and format, and may be used by NALI in print and digital promotion of the Scholarship Program.
3) Letter of Recommendation by the applicant’s NALI sponsor (or Executor of the estate of the deceased NALI member at the time of death). This letter should include details of the sponsor’s relationship and explain why the applicant is deserving of the Scholarship Award. If the applicant is a student with special circumstances, this letter should also attest to those special circumstances and/or refer the committee to a specific individual who can do the same.
4) At least one Letter of Recommendation from a former teacher, pastor, academic counselor, or other non-relative who can attest to the applicant’s potential for future success in his or her academic pursuits.
5) Verification/proof of enrollment, and/or acceptance to an eligible program.
6) Transcripts from high school (or international equivalent), and, if applicable, any transcripts from a college, university, trade school, or certificate program.
7) Essay prepared by the applicant, discussing the applicants academic achievements, extracurricular activities and hobbies, and future goals (academic and career). This should be typed, double-spaced, limited to 500 words, and must include the applicants name, date of birth, and phone number in the header.

* The Scholarship recipient’s signature on the application will be acknowledgment of their authorization to publish and use their photograph in promotion of the Scholarship Program, which may include an exhibit at the NALI Annual National Conference, publishing in The Legal Investigator Magazine, distribution to the NALI listserv, and other promotional materials, print or digital.

Applicants who do not adhere to the listed requirements will not be reviewed.



Scholarship application can be downloaded HERE; or by emailing the Scholarship Chairperson, Mr. Daniel J. Collins, CLI, CCDI at 


Applications will be accepted after February 1st and no later than the last Friday of April of the year of application. It is the responsibility of the applicant to obtain all necessary materials, to scan the completed application, and submit all required documents by the deadline. Scanned/electronic applications and all required documentation can be emailed to Scholarship Committee Chairperson. All questions concerning an application should also be directed to the Scholarship Committee Chairperson. Any application package that is not fully completed and submitted by the last Friday of April will not be reviewed.


All applicants who do not receive a scholarship are encouraged to reapply every year in which they are eligible. Scholarship recipients may be eligible to reapply for an additional reward after two calendar years. All other eligibility requirements and submission policies apply. No applicant is eligible for more than two total scholarship awards.


The NALI Scholarship Committee will select scholarship recipient(s) on an annual basis. Each Scholarship recipient will be awarded a $1,500 scholarship. Scholarship funds shall be disbursed from the NALI Account directly to the learning institution. Funds will be withdrawn from the NALI ACCOUNT and distributed pursuant to the NALI BYLAWS. The Assistant National Director shall approve the disbursements from the NALI ACCOUNT. The Assistant National Director and NALI Scholarship Committee has the discretion to select the number of awards given based on the level of available funding.


The Committee will assess each application package and supporting documents in the following four categories with equal weight.

1) Content, neatness, clarity of essay expressing why he/she is deserving of a scholarship.
2) Past academic performance
3) Course selections and extracurriculars showing challenge and diversity.
4) Letters of recommendations describing the positive effect the applicant has on their community.


In an effort to select Scholarship Awardees in a fair and transparent manner, all scoring will be completed by Committee Members in a blind assessment. The Committee Chair will collect and maintain the unredacted applicant packages and will not break the blind procedures until the Awardees have been determined.

1) Following the final due date, the Committee Chair will redact all names from the application and supporting documents, as well as the hometown for each applicant. Each applicant will be assigned a random number.
2) The Committee Chair will then forward only completed application packages and all supporting documents – with their redactions and without applicant photographs – to all Committee members. Committee Members will only be aware of the randomly assigned number.
3) The Committee Chair will supply scoresheets for Committee Members to use for blind scoring.
4) The Committee Chair will collect completed scoresheets and tally each together.
5) In the event of a tie, the Committee Chair will have the final decision of Awardee Selection. The Chair may decide to break the tie with his/her own scoring sheet or to award additional scholarships.

The award recipients will be formally announced at the NALI annual conference. The Scholarship Committee agrees to maintain the confidentiality of all information shared by applicants and those who contributed with a letter of recommendation. The Committee members each agree to not discuss with anyone outside the administration of NALI the scores and tallies of the applicants.