NALI Annual Conference 2024

Shannon Tulloss

Title:  Adding value to your firm


Shannon Tulloss Investigations opened in early 1997 after Shannon decided to step out on her own in business. Her agency is one of tenacity, ongoing training, and espresso, and continues to be one of the leading woman-owned, multi-award-winning investigative agencies in the U.S.

Shannon Tulloss Investigations is a licensed full-service Private Investigations Agency with worldwide contacts located in both Los Angeles and Ventura, CA counties. Owned and operated by Shannon Blair Tulloss, an award-winning California licensed private investigator with over 35 years of investigative experience. Shannon and her team provide discreet and professional investigative services serving both the legal and entertainment communities. Shannon Tulloss Investigations has experience handling every conceivable investigative pursuit. As a company, they are proud to have been chosen to partner with a diverse client base to strategically tailor investigations to suit the client’s specific needs. Shannon Tulloss Investigations is proud to count international and domestic brands, 501 C-3s, publishers, print and radio media, celebrities, cable and national networks, cruise lines, promotions agencies, legal counsel, and others internationally.

While her agency takes investigative practice very seriously, she operates with a human-forward mindset. Shannon Tulloss Investigations fosters a culture of using personalities and strengths to best serve the community and clients, just like you do.

As unique professionals, Shannon and her team leverage their creativity combined with their first-class earned access resources, which are both personal and data-driven, allowing them to deliver investigative insights that provide the foundation of sound decision-making for their clients.

Shannon Tulloss has served as Governor of the California Association of Licensed Investigators (C.A.L.I.– The Largest P.I. Professional Organization in the world). She is also a member of many professional associations and communities worldwide, including National Association of Legal Investigators (NALI), the Southern California Fraud Investigator’s Association, (SCFIA), International Intelligence Network (Intellenet), and the Ventura County Bar Association.