NALI Annual Conference 2023

Jan Barefoot

Title: Panel Presentation- Growing a Healthy PI Practice Through Leadership


“If you build it, they will come,” is only applicable to corn fields in Iowa. Successfully attracting business and growing your practice takes more than hope and being good at your craft. Your connection to your clients and staff alike is what wins the day and keeps the phone ringing. This seasoned panel has “been there and done that” in all aspects of entrepreneurship, leadership, and coaching—and will share how to leverage critical tools at your fingertips to maintain and buoy success.

Attendees will learn:

  1. A practical definition of leadership—and how to apply it.
  2. The top three “must-haves” of a healthy PI practice.
  3. How to pivot if you realize you’re off-track.

Jan Barefoot
Charlotte native Jan Barefoot founded Barefoot Professional Investigations in 1986 to provide targeted investigative services to clients in the southeastern United States. Jan’s unique interest in investigations was spurred by her experience working within the legal industry and a keen ability to uncover details. Jan’s passion is to impact the lives of Clients from favorable verdicts in capital murders cases to restoring spouses whose families have been wronged.


Her approach to private investigations has always been simple: deliver on commitments and provide unparalleled customer service. By nature, private investigation work is often quite sensitive and can be extremely challenging to all involved parties. Jan knows how critical it is to operate with respect, discretion, and professionalism. Over three decades later and investigating over two hundred murder cases and nearly 3,000 domestic cases, her investigators and staff continue to carry that torch. Jan holds a degree from King’s Business College and worked as a legal assistant for several years before moving to the investigative industry. She is an active member of the National Association of Legal Investigators, Intellenet, and the World Association of Detectives and enjoys continuing to grow and learn from the investigative community and industry colleagues