NALI Virtual Training 2022


“Advancing Investigations in a Technological World”

Schedule of Events: Friday February 11, 2022

10:30 am Welcome & Opening Remarks – Dale Dorning

Introduction –  Hostess Christina Dougherty

10:35 am Presentation: Marisa Shaalan – An Analyst’s Approach to Cryptocurrency

11:35 am Presentation: Maggie Gaffney – Working Smarter, Not Harder: How advanced data extraction methods from electronic
media will assist you with your investigation

12:35 pm Sponsor Presentations – Break out rooms (Lunch Break)

TLO * Investigators Toolbox * PI Magazine * Skopenow

1:00 pm Presentation: Marcy Phelps – Beyond the Balance Sheet: Strategies for Online Asset Investigations

2:00 pm Presentation: Patricia Fisher – Assisting Clients When Documents are in Dispute

3:00 pm Presentation: Brian Chase – Your Home is Spying on You – A Look at Internet of Things Forensics

4:00 pm Presentation: Michele Stuart – The Use of OSINT in Intelligence Gathering

5:00 pm Closing Remarks – Hostess Christina Dougherty

This training is 6 Continuing Education Credits (CEU). Certificates available. All times Eastern Standard Time.

ZOOM link will be emailed one week prior